Corporate Social Responsibility

Composition of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Committee

  1. Mr. Amit Dalmia, Non-Executive Director- Chairman
  2. Mr. Kapil Dhameja, Non-Executive Independent Director- Member
  3. Mr. Animesh Agrawal, Non-Executive Director- Member

CSR Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Project Approved by the Board of Directors


Sports is one of the core area, where R Systems is determined to make an impact on society. It believes that sports development is a better way to serve and influence the communities wherein we operate.

It has partnered with various NGOs to promote Olympic Sports and support & encourage young aspirants to reach their full potential and perform at National & International levels.

Currently, R Systems has following programmes in the area of Sports:

    1. Through Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy and Pullela Gopichand Badminton Foundation - The Company has been associated with the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy and Pullela Gopichand Badminton Foundation to train young and potential aspirants, specially girls who are interested in Badminton under its Sports Project.
    2. Through Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust- Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust (Trust), established by the Olympic Gold Medalist, Mr. Abhivan Bindra with the object of making Global Best Practices accessible to Indian grassroot Athletes. With the help of the Trust is based in Mohali, Punjab and has good track record of supporting Athletes. Through this project, the Company endeavors to provide access of Foundation facilities to meritorious Athletes and create awareness about Psychological safety, Self-Awareness, Mental Resilience among the Athletes.



Education is another core area of R Systems. In the area of Education, R Systems aims to support and provide financial assistance to schools and other institutions for the use or benefit of students.

Company believes that learning about happiness can help students not only cope with stress, but will also help them to succeed throughout their lives. Currently, R Systems has following programmes in the area of Education:

  1. Through Army Public School, Beas- R Systems is providing education to the under privileged girls studying in Army Public School, Beas.
  2. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi- Indian Institute of Management (“IIM”) Ranchi is the ninth Indian Institute of Management of India which was established in 2009. IIM Ranchi is committed to support excellence in management education and research that positively impacts people, organizations, and society. Its programs are aimed at grooming students to enable them to face challenges of the real world; to make them efficient leaders who are grounded and humble; to instill in them the quest for excellence and not just for achievement.

    The Company will associate with IIM Ranchi towards setting up “Center of Excellence for the Science of Happiness" to promote, research, training and education and the practice of well-being for students and teachers through the application of happiness and well-being.

  3. Through Ritnand Balved Education Foundation- Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (Foundation), established in 1986, one of India’s leading philanthropy, education, and development foundations comprising Universities, Higher Education Institutions, Schools, Pre-schools, Forums, Academies and Centres of Research & Excellence.

    The Foundation is the sponsor of renowned Amity University and is also the guiding light behind the vision of several other universities, over 200 world-class institutions, forums & academies with areas of focus varying from Anthropology to Biotechnology, Aerospace Engg. to Fine Arts, Nanotechnology to Ocean Science, Renewable Energy to Space Science.

    The Programme shall promote academic cooperation with mutual understanding and identify areas where mental health of faculty members & staff while employability skills of students can be enhanced through promoting international excellence in research and teaching in higher education especially in the areas of Happiness, Spirituality & Consciousness. Through R Systems Support, the foundation shall establish Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, Spirituality & Consciousness at campuses in top most university (ies) in India. Developing curriculum on Science of Happiness, Spirituality & Consciousness, Delivering curriculum of happiness to student faculties, local and global community for programs.

  4. Through ICT Academy- ICT Academy is an Initiative of Government of India, State Government and Industry. Through ICT the Company endeavors to train women educators in the rural regions across India by enhancing their digital teaching skills and soft skills base of women educators for the new normal by its project called Women Educators Empowerment Programme. Women Educators Empowerment Programme will enhance the capabilities of Teachers by providing them training on “Digital Teaching Skills” and “Soft Skills” in the rural areas.


Women Empowerment and Well Being of Society

R Systems always believes that it should contribute more to certain sections of the society, which are socially weaken and deprived. Continuing the journey of working for the wellbeing of society, it has following programmes:

Through Providing Actions with Research And Sustainable Development (PARAS India)- PARAS INDIA was established in 2007 with the aim to transform society by uplifting and dignifying the marginalized sections of the society. With the help of PARAS India, the Company is establishing “Silai Schools” for under privileged women living in slum areas of Delhi NCR. It is a community-based initiative with the aim of skilling rural and deprived women and empowering them to become entrepreneurs. Women are taught stitching and sewing skills to help them earn a livelihood in their respective communities.
Through Missionary of Charity- Missionary of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa, with a mission to care the hungry, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society.. R Systems has extended its support to the said cause for socially isolated, crippled and homeless children in association with Missionaries of Charity, Jeevan Jyoti Home, Delhi.


  1. Green Yatra- Green Yatra is a leading environmental NGO of India. With the help of Green Yatra, we have planted 800+ local native species of saplings through Afforestation in Delhi NCR.


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